With not much time left as the world will soon hit 2020, there has been an announcement of the top 10 travel destination for the same year. While it must have been a piece of exciting news for the travelers all around, it also must have been difficult choosing the top ten destinations from the entire world. But these selected countries are all worth the visit. And there has been excitement with an announcement as Bhutan was the chosen one too.

For many travelers who have been to Bhutan and are familiar with its exquisiteness, it may not come as a surprise that Bhutan indeed has been selected as one best travel destination for the upcoming year 2020. Among other best destinations are England, North Macedonia, Aruba, eSwatini (formerly Swaziland), Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Liberia, Morocco, and Uruguay. These destinations were released by a legendary travel guide Lonely Planet, based on their “topicality, unique experiences and wow factor.” They also take sustainable travel seriously – helping you to have a positive effect wherever you choose to go. Nonetheless, Bhutan has proudly managed to take away the number one spot among these listed countries.